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Boosts in-memory and removes latency

Terracotta is an essential business and productivity application developed by the world’s first digital business platform, Software AG. This data management utility program offers a great combination of the power and accessibility of non-relational data and the performance of the fastest In-Memory data grid technology that is capable of providing a single and unified architecture. It is highly scalable, low latency, and able to absorb, store, and analyze huge datasets in real-time. With this tool, it empowers your business to instantly identify threats and opportunities, which is crucial in the fast-paced industry nowadays.   

Supports hybrid translytical

Terracotta is a comprehensive platform that has the ability to uphold hybrid translytical workloads—all your operational and analytical data caching, storage, and computing needs. Comparing this to other data grids that use the same number of commodity servers, it is said that it can manage more in-memory data ranging from 10 to 100 times more. Through the utility’s powerful query and computation capabilities, your business could radically save up from data management costs

Within just a single operational store, this powerful program can meet the massive data storage and processing demands of modern and advanced real-time applications. It is very evident to the millions of developers and deployments that trust the platform they are providing. Moreover, Terracotta can connect to a wide variety of enterprise applications with the use of Software AG webMethods adapter, which also comes with full integration utilizing native connectivity to Apama for advanced stream processing capabilities.

On top of that, scaling up in this software will allow you to add more RAM to existing while scaling out will increase your business’ processing power through adding more servers, spreading your data and workload over multiple machines in a cluster. As it can store more data locally, you can either collect more data in-memory or create a bigger cache to improve performance. Terracotta is a massively resilient distributed data platform that can be disseminated across many servers since every node in the cluster has the same role and can serve any request. 

Data management of the future 

With Terracotta, it seems that Software AG has projected a future wherein in-memory data management platforms will be incorporated into tons of mainstream products and solutions. The app can help business owners and developers in improving their online presence and performance. At the same time, they can reduce their operational costs while still meeting the demands of various apps, even in real-time. 


  • Provides a single and unified architecture
  • Instantly identify business threats and opportunities
  • Meet the advanced real-time applications
  • Can be spread across many servers


  • Too complicated for beginners

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Terracotta 1.0 for PC

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